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Our Universe has entered the Age of Aquarius and is currently shifting into the Fifth Dimension. A new Era of high energy vibrations dawning that lead to Change, Enlightenment & Spiritual Awakening.

On December 2012, all the planets in our solar system were perfectly aligned with each other. For the first time, Earth, Moon, all 9 planets of our solar system, our Sun and the Pleiades constellation; all came into direct perfect alignment with the massive black hole that exists at the very center of our Milky Way Galaxy; something that happens once every 200 million years, causing high energy vibrations. In addition to that, the 2012 event also marked the completion of a 26,000 year solar cycle where our Sun is orbiting the Pleiades; an event foreseen by the Mayans and other Ancient Cultures.

Placing a high premium on fit, fabric and materials quality, UC Apparel is consciously made in Athens, Greece. Having as a main purpose to serve the common good, UC Apparel donates a percentage of its sales every season, to a group of carefully selected international & local Charity Organizations.

Open Your Mind, Set Your Soul Free & Sync Into The Universal Consciousness.